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Laser and IPL for Vascular Disorders 


Our Workshops are accreditation by SMC Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee as Certificate of Competence.

Registration Fee $550


MCQ Examination will take place on 27 Aug 2022 afternoon. (from 2pm)

Please make sure that you will be able to attend the workshops and MCQ examinations on the stipulated dates (displayed in the programme) before you make your payment and confirm your registration. Any request for change in the assigned MCQ exam date/time will be subject to an adminstration fee of $20 per change requested.

If you miss your scheduled exam, it may take some time before a repeat exam will be conducted and you may not be accredited any COC.

Lasers and IPL for Vascular Disorders (21 Aug 22)

Date :

21 August 2022

Time :

8.30 am to 12.30 pm

Venue :



Course Objective


The course will give an overview of the various vascular conditions and their differential diagnosis to enable participants to make a decision on which conditions can be treated with lasers or light. Participants will also be taught on the choice of lasers for each condition. At the end of the course participants will have a good grasp of laser vessel interaction and can safety use lasers or light to treat some vsacular skin conditions. Sclerotherapy as an alternative treatment modality will also be discussed.



  1. 0830 - 0855 Registration
  2. 0855 - 0900 Introduction : Prof CL Goh
  3. 09:05 - 09:30 Principles of light and laser for removal of vascular disorders. Choice of lasers and light devices. Laser safety. Sclerotherapy as an alternative. Prof CL Goh.
  4. 0930 - 1000 Overview of the various vascular conditions. Selection and preparation of patients. Pre-procedures counselling and preparation. Post-procedures care. Management of complications: Dr CB Ang
  5. 1000 - 1015 Tea Break
  6. 1015 - 1045 Treatment of congenital vascular disorders eg portwine stain, haemangioma etc: Dr J Lim
  7. 1045 - 1115 Treatment of acquired vascular disorders including rosacea, leg veins, facial telangiectasias etc: Dr L khoo
  8. 1115 - 1130 Q & A
  9. 1130 - 1215 Video Demonstration
  10. 1215 - 1230 Q & A
  11. MCQ Exam will be arranged separately on 27.8.22 afternoon

Workshop certificate is accredited by SMC Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee as Certificate of Competence. Workshop lecturers, titles, date and venue are subject to change. The workshop will only proceed if there are at least 10 participants.

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