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Pigment Lasers for Pigmentary Skin Disorders II

** Our Workshops are accreditation by SMC Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee as Certificate of Competence. * The workshop will only proceed if there are at least 10 participants.  Registration Fee $550

Pigment Lasers for Pigmentary Skin Disorders 26.03.23 (Not Open for Registration yet)

Date :

26 March 2023

Time :

8.30am - 12.30pm

Venue :

Virtual (Not Open for Registration yet)


Course Objective


The course will provide participants with a clinical overview of common skin pigmentary disorders to equip participants to make accurate diagnosis so that an appropriate pigment lasers or light devices are used. Participants will also be taught on the choice of lasers for each of the pigmentary disorders. At the end of the course participants will have a good grasp of laser pigment interaction and can safely use lasers or light devices to treat some pigmentary skin disorders.



  1. 0830 - 0855: Registration
  2. 0855 - 0900 Introduction - Dr J lim
  3. 0900 - 0920 Principles of light and laser devices for removal of pigmentary disorders. Principle of selective photothermolysis. Choice of pigment lasers for pigmentation disorders. Laser safety. – Dr CL Goh
  4. 0920 - 0940 Overview of the common cosmetic pigmentary disorders. Selection and preparation of patients for lasers/light device treatment. Pre- and Post- procedures counseling/preparation/care. - Dr Ang CB
  5. 0940 -1000 Treatment of congenital pigmentary disorders. - Dr J Lim
  6. 1000 -1015 Tea Break
  7. 1015 -1035 Treatment of acquired pigmentary disorders. - Dr L khoo
  8. 1035 -1055 Compications and Management of complications from pigment lasers. – Dr CL Goh
  9. 1055 -1115 Q & A
  10. 1115 -1200 Video Demonstration
  11. 1200 -1230 Q & A
  12. MCQ Exam will be arranged separately on29.01.22 afternoon.

Workshop certificate is accredited by SMC Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee as Certificate of Competence. Course lecturers and titles are subject to change. Date and Venue to be announced. We will only proceed with a workshop if there are at least 10 participants for the workshop

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