Teaching Faculty : Dr. Khoo
Dr Khoo Shih Wee
Senior Dermatologist

Dr Khoo Shih Wee is a senior consultant dermatologist with Dermatology Associates, a private dermatology group in Singapore.

He completed basic dermatology training from the National Skin Centre (Singapore) in 1997 and advance dermatology fellowship from Department of Dermatology, Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston) in 1998. Dr Khoo Shih Wee had special training in phototherapy, photobiology and laser surgery during his stint with MGH. After his return from Boston, he was head of phototherapy and photobiology departments at the National Skin Centre until he left for private practice in August 2005.

His areas of special interest include management of skin dyspigmentation, management of photoaging of skin, and management of various inflammatory skin conditions. He is also specially trained in the use of lasers for management of various skin conditions.

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